1-Year Monthly Budget & Expense Tracking Template

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The Moolah Monthly Budget Template is an automated Excel-based budget template designed to help you plan your monthly budget, and record/track your income, savings, investments, and daily expenses in one central location.

If you're seeking an efficient way to plan your monthly budget and monitor your income, savings, investments, and daily expenses, our Excel-based personal budget template is perfect for you.

Designed for use on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, this versatile tool offers comprehensive monthly and yearly summaries of your financial activities.

With our budget template, you can:

  • Record Your Finances: Easily document your monthly income, savings, and investments.
  • Create Detailed Budgets: Set monthly budgets for yourself and your family, with categories such as food, transportation, bills, and more.
  • Track Daily Expenses: Monitor your daily spending and receive insightful monthly and yearly summaries, highlighting which categories (food, bills, etc.) eat up your budget the most.
  • Analyze Income Patterns: Identify which month you earned the most income and get detailed breakdowns of your earnings.
  • Monitor Savings and Investments: Discover which month you saved or invested the most and track the exact amounts.

Our user-friendly template is designed to help you maintain control over your finances effortlessly.

Plus, it includes a short video tutorial to guide you through its features, ensuring you can make the most out of this powerful financial tool.

What you receive after payment:

  • A clean copy of the 1-Year Monthly Budget Template
  • A demo copy of the template with sample data in it so you can see what it will look like when you begin using it
  • A video tutorial showing how to use the template

Once you make a one-time purchase, yearly updates to the Budget Template will be sent to you FREE.

4 reviews for 1-Year Monthly Budget & Expense Tracking Template

  1. Aniekan

    The Moolah budget template is simple, intuitive and a tool that has changed the way I manage money drastically. After using it consistently for a full year, I could see where the money went.

  2. Esther

    Before now I used to do budget in my head, even though I had basic savings, I’d wonder where my salary was going because I realised I could actually be saving more.

    I started using the moolah budget template in 2022 year, my spending habits now have home training. I saw the evidence of all I have been eating and carelessly throwing money around. 😂 Wow! It was a moment of truth in the first couple of months. Now I do better with savings

  3. Fatimah Oriadetu-Haastrup

    The Moolah budget template has been helpful to me for the past two years in keeping track of my expenses and income. It has also helped with planning ahead and is very valuable. Thank you for Moolah.

    – A satisfied 2 years User

  4. Halima Okafor

    I started using the moolah budget template last year and it’s been an experience😁 In the past I took pride in being on top of my expenses in my head but nothing beats actually documenting it and over time I’ve been able to cut on things that were taking a huge chunk of my funds like my impulsive fashion item purchases😩
    This has allowed me increase my savings.
    Now I can truly tell where my money goes and also prioritize my wants. Thank you PWG for creating an easy to use template we never knew we needed and I 100% recommend it for everyone

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