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Master Your Monthly Budget

A FREE group budget session designed to be all-hands, interactive, and practical. We will discuss how to create and manage a monthly budget, track your daily expenses, and build healthy financial habits. 

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Saturday, 29 July

4:00 PM WAT

YouTube Livestream



What you will learn

  • how to create a monthly budget that you can stick to
  • how to plan for your fixed and variable expenses
  • how to track your income and daily expenses
  • how to set up your sinking fund accounts to achieve your medium and long term goals

This session is for you if

  • you currently feel overwhelmed by your finances
  • you’re worried you’ll never have enough money to do the things you need to do
  • you struggle to manage your monthly income until the next paycheck 
  • you want to take control of your spending and start saving money consistently

Feedback from previous session attendees

“You’re literally solving a need by helping people structure their finances and it’s beautiful to see and learn. I just want you to know that you’re giving value. Thank you for sharing knowledge”

Loveth Nwanne

“Thanks for the session. Very valuable”


“I believe that I will be better equipped with needed skills to navigate my relationship with money and I’m happy I signed up to be here”

Enwongo Cleopas

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