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Teaching folks how to structure their finances through budgeting and how to optimize their lives to get things done more efficiently. Your one-stop for everything budgeting and life admin.


Let’s paint a quick picture. How would you describe your ideal life? Does it include any of the following?


Financial stability?


Being able to save up for your dream experiences?


Not living paycheck to paycheck?


Having the freedom to spend quality time with your loved ones?


Not being constantly stressed by money?


Being productive without burning out?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I’m glad our paths crossed.

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed like you’re never going to have enough money or time to do all the things you want to do. But I also know that it doesn’t have to be that way!

No matter your income level or how chaotic your life may be, with the right tools and knowledge, you can create a life that’s both financially secure and personally fulfilling.

My name is Gloria Etetim, and I teach people how to create and manage a budget, how to ramp up savings and sinking funds, productive time management, etc. I offer 1:1 or group sessions, webinars, and provide digital templates and video content to support growth in these areas.

Our Offerings

Whether you’re juggling a corporate career with a side hustle or fully dedicated to growing your personal brand and business, Plan With Gloria is here to support you. Explore our range of products and services below.

Moolah Budget Template

Plan your monthly budget & track expenses using our Excel budget template

Hardcopy Budget Planner

Undated 1-Year Faith-Based Budget Planner suitable for monthly budgeting.

1-Year Social Media Calendar

Collaborate and plan your social media content in a central location.

Templates and Resources

Browse our collection of templates for your personal & professional growth.

Helping people structure their finances and get things done efficiently


Free Templates

Paid Templates

From our community members

Feedback from people who have benefited from our templates and services.

“The Moolah budget template has been helpful to me for the past two years in keeping track of my expenses and income. It has also helped with planning ahead and is very valuable.
I am a satisfied 2 years User. Thank you for Moolah.

Fatimah Oriadetu-Haastrup, | Nigeria

“I started using the Moolah budget in September 2022 and after two months of tracking my spending, I noticed I was spending too much on Uber and Bolt 🙆. Now, my favorite part of the entire experience is budgeting ahead of each month and tracking my spending throughout the month. Glad I purchased it!!! 🥳

Afriyie Antwi | Ghana

“Had a great experience working with Gloria on an email marketing session. I’m a small business owner who knows the value of automation in scalability. She provided a 360 overview of the features/functions, personalized to my needs. She was patient, clear, & extremely hands-on. Highly recommend”

Jauharah Nantongo | Uganda






Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Moolah Budget Template on my mobile phone?

The Moolah Budget Template is an Excel-based budget template. It can be used on laptops, tablets, and mobile phone as long as you have the Microsoft Excel app.

Do I have to pay monthly or yearly to keep using the PWG templates?

Not at all. All our templates are one-time payments. Feel free to duplicate a clean copy to reuse every new year. Updates to the templates will be emailed to you without extra charge.

Can I share a copy of any PWG template I buy with my friends/family?

No. All templates paid for are final sales for each customer. Please do not circulate them. Alternatively, you can point people to our website to buy their copy.

Does the PWG 1-Year Social Media Calendar come with content in it?

No. The PWG 1-year social media calendar is just a template that allows you to plug in your content ideas and plan for 12 months.

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