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About Me

Get to know my backstory, journey, why I started the Plan With Gloria (PWG) brand, and how we can work together to create magic.

Hi there

My name is Gloria Etetim, Lead Creator at the Plan With Gloria (PWG) brand. I work a 9 – 5 as Head of Marketing Communications/Memberships for a Financial Services firm in Lagos, Nigeria.

After 3 years of managing and tracking my budget on a simple spreadsheet and seeing how this habit positively impacted my finances, I took the big step to redesign and launch this spreadsheet as my first digital product in 2021 – Moolah Budget Template. This template has since served people who need help with managing their income in a centralized location.

What makes me tick

I am passionate about teaching people how to get their finances in order through the power of budgeting.  I also enjoy organizing and creating end-to-end plans for projects or activities. I’d love to use these skills to assist you in improving your life in personal productivity, finances, and work.

Beyond having 1:1 sessions, I create simple digital tools/templates, short YouTube videos on my channel, @planwithgloria, and host online live sessions that’ll help you reach your highest potential.

Breaking it down

Personal Finance

Work with us to manage your money better through budgeting; make, adjust, and review your monthly personal or family budget.


Use PWG digital tools to simplify your day-to-day schedule, establish daily routines and organize your workflow.

Email Automation

We help business owners set up an email automation system to collect/nurture leads and build a customer database.

Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event or project? Let’s work together

Let’s create magic together! I am accepting speaking engagements ranging from in-person or virtual events, radio shows, podcasts, live streams, etc, to share and teach on areas that excite my mind such as:


Personal Budgeting / Productivity


Goal setting & Personal growth


Lifestyle optimization


Email marketing and lead generation


Subscriber list management

My speaking style

Conversational, practical, simple, everyday language. Sharing my experiences and providing actionable tips and techniques that your audience can use to achieve success.

My goal

Provide the audience with the tools and support they need to reach their full potential. Beyond teaching, I’d share worksheets and related templates for action.

Tailored content

I strive to make every speaking event unique and engaging and provide custom content and activities tailored to your audience’s needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Moolah Budget Template on my mobile phone?

The Moolah Budget Template is an Excel-based budget template. It can be used on laptops, tablets, and mobile phone as long as you have the Microsoft Excel app.

Do I have to pay monthly or yearly to keep using the PWG templates?

Not at all. All our templates are one-time payments. Feel free to duplicate a clean copy to reuse every new year. Updates to the templates will be emailed to you without extra charge.

Can I share a copy of any PWG template I buy with my friends/family?

No. All templates paid for are final sales for each customer. Please do not circulate them. Alternatively, you can point people to our website to buy their copy.

Does the PWG 1-Year Social Media Calendar come with content in it?

No. The PWG 1-year social media calendar is just a template that allows you to plug in your content ideas and plan for 12 months.

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