For business owners

Email Marketing Strategy & Setup Session

For business owners who want to scale their business growth through the power of email marketing and automation. At the end of the 3 sessions, we will share resources to help you learn more and take your business to the next level with email marketing.

₦35,000 / $73


  • 3 sessions
  • 60 minutes duration for each
  • Meeting to be scheduled on Google Meet

Pre-session offers include:

  • Email marketing platform set up or revamp for your brand
  • Subscriber list (customer database) cleanup, upload, grouping, and segmentation

The 1:1 video sessions covers

  • How to create and send an email campaign using Mailerlite and/or Mailchimp
  • How to create and schedule automated emails
  • Subscriber list management
  • How to create signup forms for lead generation
  • Global best practices for email marketing (e.g. personalization, send times, crafting email subjects, avoiding spam, etc)

Complimentary templates for your brand

  • 3 customized brand campaign (email) templates
  • 2 workflow automation set up for your products and services
  • 2 embedded forms for product sales and for lead generation to grow your mailing list
  • A Quality Control (QC) checklist for your brand’s email marketing
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Grow your customer pipeline with Email Marketing

Running a business in 2023 without an effective email marketing system in place is like sitting by a river and dying of thirst!

Let’s work together to build an efficient email marketing system tailored to your brand. Use code PWG2023 to get 15% off your booking today.

Customer Feedback

“I had a great experience working with Gloria on an email marketing session. I am a small business owner who understands the value of automation in reference to scalability. Gloria provided a 360 overview of all the features and functions, personalized to my needs. Her approach was patient, clear, and extremely hands-on. Highly recommend👌🏽”

Jauharah Nantongo | Uganda

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