30-Day Money Habit Challenge Card


This challenge is designed help you transform your money habits, set goals, budget, save, and be more intentional with your finances! It comes with a free Notion template to track your daily progress.


Transform your money habits with these thoughtfully curated activities in our free PWG 30 Days Money Habit Challenge Bingo. Commit 10 – 20 mins daily for 30 days to complete daily tasks that will teach you how to set money goals, budget, save money, and be more intentional about your money.

How to use the template

  • Click on the download button to download your challenge sheet
  • You will receive an email immediately with the template
  • Print and stick 2 copies in visible areas of your home (e.g. bedroom door)
  • Start your challenge. Note that there is no specific start date. The day you join is the day your 30 days start counting.
  • Complete the task assigned for each day and tick ✔️ the box to show you're done
  • Post a photo of your challenge sheet on Instagram and tag @planwithgloria for a repost and good vibes.

Once downloaded can reuse it every month!

This template is designed by Plan With Gloria.


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