Book a Private Budget Session

Learn How to Create & Manage a Personal Budget

This is a practical personal budget session where we work together to create a personalized monthly budget for you. You will be able to ask questions and get clarity on budgeting struggles.

₦15,000 / $31


  • 2 online sessions
  • 60 minutes duration for each
  • Meeting to be scheduled on Google Meet

Pre-session offers include:

  • A free copy of the Moolah Budget Template
  • An audit of your current money habits with recommendations for changes

In the 1:1 sessions we will work with you to:

  • Set clear financial goals
  • Create a monthly budget that tracks your income & expenses
  • Group your spending needs & allocate spending limits to them

We will also

  • Create a plan to pay off debt if any
  • Show you how to create and manage an emergency fund
  • Explore ways to help you save more
Moolah budget template displayed on a laptop screen

Do you struggle with budgeting or feeling uncertain about where to begin? – we’re here to assist you!

Once you book, you will be redirected to a calendar page to select your preferred date for the initial session.

Use code PWG2023 to get 15% off your booking today.

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