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Moolah Budget Template

An Excel-based budget template designed to help you plan your monthly budget, and record/track your income, savings, investments, and daily expenses in one central location.

  ₦2,000 / $3


your monthly income, savings, and investments in this spreadsheet.


a monthly budget in categories such as food, transportation, bills, etc.


and record your daily expenses to stay within budget

Spending Insights

see monthly & yearly summaries of what you spent on the most.

Income Insights

see the month of the year that you made the most income and its breakdown in categories.

Growth Insight

see the month that you saved or invested the most money and how much.

Moolah template displayed on a laptop screen

Snapshot I

This is a sample of what the Moolah Budget Template sheets look like. The snapshot shows one month’s tab (January), giving you full visibility into your spending habits.

Snapshot II

This is a sample of what the Moolah Budget Template Dashboard looks like. It shows a summary of income, savings, investments, and expenses for one year. 

Visualize Your Progress: Watch your financial growth unfold with Moolah’s visually appealing charts and graphs. Track your progress in real-time and celebrate milestones along the way.

Moolah budget template dashboard displayed on a laptop screen

Customer Feedback

Before now I used to budget in my head, even though I had basic savings, I’d wonder where my salary was going because I realized I could actually be saving more. I started using Moolah in 2022, my spending habits now have home training. I saw the evidence of all I have been eating & carelessly throwing money around. 😂 Wow! It was a moment of truth in the first couple of months. Now I do better with savings.

Dr. Esther Asamudo | United States

I started using Moolah in September 2022 and after 2 months of tracking my spending, I noticed this babygirl doesn’t like walking 🤣🤣🤣 so Uber and bolt were eating my money 🙆🙆 Now, my favorite part of the entire experience with Moolah is budgeting ahead of each month and tracking my spending throughout the month. The 2023 updated template has a simpler interface that makes it easier to use and track. I’m glad I purchased it!🥳🥳

Afriyie Antwi | Ghana

You know, I have my company’s credit card and I am required to make an expense report for every $ I spend from it and make sure I stay below-budgeted limits. Why do I feel so lazy to do the same for my own money??…lol
I have decided I will do the hard work this year manually, hold quarterly reviews with myself, and run my budget like a good business. Many thanks to you again for the Moolah Budget Template.

Simodo Duff| Nigeria

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