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Speaking Engagements

Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event or project? Let’s work together.

Apart from hosting virtual group budgeting sessions, Plan With Gloria accepts speaking engagements ranging from in-person or virtual events, radio shows, podcasts, live streams etc, to share and teach on areas that excite my mind such as:

  • Personal Budgeting
  • Productivity
  • Goal-setting
  • Personal Growth
  • Lifestyle Optimization and Organization
  • Email Marketing and Automation for business owners
  • Lead generation and email subscriber list management, etc

My speaking style

Conversational, practical, simple, everyday language. Sharing my experiences and providing actionable tips and techniques that your audience can use to achieve success.

My goal

Provide the audience with the tools and support they need to reach their full potential. Beyond teaching, I’d share worksheets and related templates for action.

Tailored content

I strive to make every speaking event unique and engaging and provide custom content and activities tailored to your audience’s needs.

Events Gallery

Some events I have featured in recently

Plan With Gloria Virtual Group Budget Session
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Plan With Gloria
Plan With Gloria Virtual Group Budget Session

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